Lynd Ave, Toronto

Our clients, a young couple who wanted to slowly begin renovating their downtown property, built in 1909. While nearing the completion of their living room they wanted to start with the renovation of the only bathroom in the house. With a clear brief to create ‘a very modern and European look’, we only had ten days to complete an approved budget and design while the client went on holiday, trusting us to problem solve and make decisions in their absence.

We wanted to create a functional and clean space; an aesthetic their previous bathroom sincerely lacked. We used a custom-built wall-mounted vanity with a push open drawer system for a clean look. We designed a glass shower wall with contrasting matte black frames to keep the look in line with their vanity faucet and cross handle thermostatic valves. We used three different tiles to make this vision happen, a Perla Rope wall tile for its rigid texture that went from the floor to the mid-portion of the wall to compliment the wall-mounted toilet. Alongside this, we installed two varied concrete tiles to finish the bathroom floor with the shower walls and built-in niche.

The space didn’t come without its challenges, many of which were due to the age of the building. The tank of the wall mounted toilet required a minimum 24″ space between the studs which we were unable to relocate without running the risk of removing the adjoining bedroom wall due to it being built with plaster. To achieve this, we built out the wall with 2×6 studs creating a functional ledge for the wall-mounted vanity faucet. The compact nature of the space presented the additional challenge of ensuring the vanity drawers didn’t hit the door when opening. Our solution was to custom build the vanity with a filler, thus shifting the vanity towards the shower allowing for more countertop space. We had also made the door slightly smaller to ensure there was suitable room between the open drawers and the door.

Our tradesmen worked through the night to finish this project on time. Upon their return, the clients were over the moon with what we had achieved with the space. We are now working on the next stage of their home renovation project, the kitchen!