Gough Ave., Toronto

We have previously worked with our clients from Gough Ave. on other projects but when they approached us to work on their new personal family home we were thrilled to take on the work. 

The brief was to design their open plan living/kitchen area, master en-suite and to help select plumbing and lighting fixtures for these key rooms and the master bedroom. The clients were certain of a few features/materials followed by inspiration images they wanted to use but didn’t know what best way to put it all together. 

We first started by designing the fireplace which was going to be a big feature wall for the open plan room which was adjacent to the kitchen with a centre island and breakfast bar. They were certain they wanted white painted brick on the walls for this area alongside what was also spec’d on the main floor – polished concrete heated floors, black trim-less windows and white oak waterfall style stairs.

We proposed three fireplace options to start with which evolved into the final design we have today. The final fireplace unit also went from a closed electric fireplace to an open one from Dimplex where the flames are made of water that you can reach out and touch, making it safe for the children. 

Following the fireplace design we moved on to the kitchen, mudroom and pantry adjacent, we also proposed three options here based on their inspiration images. We made some suggestions which would complement the fireplace design across so we didn’t use too many different materials or colours. We needed to discuss the kitchen feedback on site as the building process meant there were a few changes due to the HVAC plan. This was actually a pleasant hurdle to the design as we were allowed to minimise the cabinetry so it didn’t look too busy. We decided to create a standard reveal with a trim under the bulkhead to match the white oak trim around the cabinetry which really framed the kitchen area beautifully. We also suggested some wood panelling to give some warmth to some of the materials and finishes being used in the space. 

Following these areas we designed the master ensuite which was straightforward as the finishes they wanted to use were easy to put together. Originally we designed a custom vanity but to keep costs down they found a prefab one through one of our suppliers which came out very nicely in the space. 

Following these major areas being finished we focused on the plumbing fixtures and lighting for these rooms as well as the lighting for the dining and master bedroom. Here we worked with the clients based on their selections as well as making suggestions of our own. 

We really enjoyed working with our clients from Gough Ave., they provided helpful feedback as well as inspiration imagery which really made working during the pandemic and remotely an easier process. We continued to monitor the process of their development as we didn’t get involved in the contracting side but helped where we could when they came across challenges to help bring their dream home to life. 


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